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3D Masters 2004
3D Heli R/C Competition 2004


Results of the 2004 3D Heli R/C Competition in Belgium.

It was a very good organized meeting with F3C flights, Scale flights, 3D flights, Flights to music, Drag race flights and night flying! Where else do you find all those disciplines together. The official results will be posted on this page in the near future, with some photo's and maybe video's. Obviously there will be a direct link to the info on the Heli R/C Competition page as soon as the 2004 data is available. The current photo's shown are the photo's from Marcel van Raak, Chris Derboven and William van Doorn.

Here you can "see" the good atmosphere as being expressed by the organizer Mathieu Desmet (Thanks Chris).

And also Mr. Desmet was enjoying the event (Thanks Chris).

The atmosphere at the meeting was very friendly, it was really nice to be part of it. We arrived on Friday morning to find out that already al lot of people had camped there since Thursday.

After setting up our tent etc, we tried to get some flights in to dial in the machines. I had to setup the machine for the different fuel I was going to use. I was going to fly CP 12.5% again after I had used the CP 30% in the 3D Masters in the UK.

The weather was not too good, now and then there was a little rain, but we could get some flying done. In the evening it was nice and cozy, with some beers :-). When I wanted to get some sleep and rest, there were certain competitors who tried to keep me awake as part of their strategy to win the competition. I have to admit, they succeeded to some extend, they kept me awake. However, that was not enough to get me out of the competition as you can see from the results below :-).

The Saturday morning started with the now famous wakeup flights of Jos van Woerkom who started to fly at 07:30h and a good breakfast. The morning part of the day had some rain and a lot of wind. In the afternoon things started to get better. The sun was getting there, but still with a lot of wind. A lot of good flights were presented by all the pilots during the day despite the wind. It was clear however, that all of the pilots were really fighting the wind to get the set maneuvers done.

Chris Derboven in Action (Thanks Chris).

Here you can see Chris with his Raptor 90 standard and Jo from RcHeliStore with the Raptor 90 SE.


Here you can see the concentration during the preparation for the flight (thanks William).

In the evening there was a very good BBQ with some superb night flying including the famous fireworks of Guy VanderSchelden. And yes, there were still enough drinks available to get some of us "out of business" :-) As a result of this, the Sunday started a bit later than planned. Even Jos was a bit later this day with his wakeup flight. The weather for this day turned out to be very good, a lot of sun, and little wind. Again, a lot of good flights were presented to the audience including the scale flights and a turbine machine. The 3D flights started to get better since the pilots were getting closer to the end of the event, and all of them wanted to win.

Here you can see that even for Mark the evenings (and the beers) take their toll. You can see that one gallon of 30% is even too much for Mark (thanks William).


A lot of good information was exchanged between the pilots. This is already one good reason to attend the event, to learn from each other.


The day ended with some flights to music and the drag race. The flights to music was a first experiment for this meeting, but it went very well. For the drag race the machines were modified for high speed performance and acceleration. The head speeds were increased to approximately 1900 to 2000 rpm, the maximum pitch increased to the 12 degree area and the engines were setup to get the most power out of the 30% fuel. You could here the engines scream very painfully. If one understands the language of engines, you could clearly here them scream that they wanted to get out of the helis, but all of them stayed put.

I judged the Drag races. That means that I was the lunatic that was at the finish line and watched again and again which heli crossed the line first (which heli flew over me first). Quite interesting to see the helis coming at you at those high speeds and loosing height to gain speed. I was positioned at the rim of a ditch such that I could seek shelter in case it was necessary. You can imagine that it is better not to let certain people loose, they have that lethal weapon under their control :-) So now you know why Robie Gerrits won ;-) After the end of these flights, some engines were really REALLY hot from just a 15 second flight!

Here you can see a start of the Drag race (thanks William).

At the end of the day it was time to thank the organizing committee and announce the winners of the weekend after which the prizes provided by the sponsors were given to the winners.

There were some casualties during the weekend, but the damage was very limited as a results of the crop surrounding the field. Luckily most people managed to crash outside of the field :-).

All in all, this event is one not to be missed, so for all those who did miss it this year, be there next year and compete!

The complete results will be posted here in the near future as well. For now I just posted the results as I know them by heart.

3D Sportsman class:

  1. John Vugts (NL) (Video of one of the FreeStyle flights)

  2. Wouter Verscheure (BE)

  3. Robie Gerrits (NL)

Here are the three sportsman (thanks Chris).

3D Experts:

  1. Marcel van Raak (NL) (Video of one of the FreeStyle flights)

  2. Frans Laurijsen (NL)

  3. Chris Derboven (BE)

Here are the three experts (thanks Chris).

Here you can see Marcel van Raak receiving the first price for his flight to music from the organizer of the event Mathieu Desmet (thanks Chris).

Flights to music:

  1. Marcel van Raak (NL)

  2. John Vugts (NL)

  3. Wouter Verscheure (BE)


Drag Race

  1. Robie Gerrits (NL)


Here is unbeatable Robie (thanks Chris).

Bottle knocking

  1. Rob Reiss (NL)

The bottle king Rob (thanks Chris).

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