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Please find some of my favorites links below. Most of them are related to Remotely Controlled Helicopter flight. Click here if you like to suggest a link.

bulletMy Sponsors:
bullet Lynx! SkyMedia. Lynx! SkyMedia provides all aerial photography and film capabilities you can think of.
bullet Rc HeliStore. It is a European shop with very good priced TT and Futaba stuff. No fuss with import tax etc.
bulletSAB blades. Very nice Italian blades, they fly extremely well, with very good autorotation capabilities, and yet they are very lively.
bulletQuickUK. QuickUk provides very nice and high quality helicopter upgrade parts.
bulletAd van Oorschot Technical Support BV. Engineering and Process Technology

bulletModel heli related links:
bulletFritz the Cat. Additional build info on a lot of heli's, also on the Raptor family.
bulletRaptor Technique. Lots of setup info on Raptor Heli's.
bulletNatescape. Some nice info including some new maneuvers to try out.
bulletRC HeliBase. Lots of info about engine, gyro, exhaust etc.
bullet Shuttle Home Page. Lost of info on the Hirobo Shuttle.
bullet Manuals for RC helicopters and electronics.
bulletFlight Log. Program to log all your fights from Shawn Lammers.
bullet Flight Log. Simple but useful logging program from David Smith.
bulletHeli links. German site with lots of Heli links.
bulletRC HeliWeb. Has the third bearing upgrade for the Raptor.
bullet Helicopter video archive. Augusto's heli video archive.
bulletFlycam. Large RC helicopters for airborne video recordings.
bulletRC Helicopters Reviews and setups.
bulletHeli Fever. Nice site for starters.
bullet Dave Day Reviews of different radios.
bulletRC Helicopters. Good site, nice info about the dangers of heli flight.
bulletLittle Rotors. Nice site with lots of articles and interviews.
bulletJason Kraus. Homepage of Jason Kraus.
bulletCurtis Youngblood. Home page of Curtis Youngblood.
bulletSAB blades. Very nice blades, they fly very well.


bulletInternational model helicopter shops:
bulletCyberheli. Good internet shop in Hong Kong, good prices.
bulletHeli-Kraft. Good internet shop in Taiwan (TT), the best prices.
bulletModelCraft. Cheap site in Japan for Shuttle parts. Very cheap Futaba Gyro's.
bulletHeliHut. Cheap site in Hawai.
bulletQuickUk. Internet shop for nice metal machined upgrades.
bulletRick's. USA internet shop. They have some nice upgrades.
bulletRotor. Good prices of the Raptor 90 etc.
bulletMushRoom. Reasonable priced RC stuff.
bulletServo City. USA internet shop. Good prices for e.g. a 9C Futaba radio.
bullet Skyline Models. Bob Jonston's shop in the UK.
bulletRC Market. Belgium store.
bulletUpdate RC. Site of David Dutrieux, Belgium store.
bullet Ceulemans modelbouw. Belgium store.
bulletTop Dragon Model. Reasonable priced metal heads.
bulletHeli Bits. Some things have very reasonable prices for Europe.
bulletRcHeliStore. European shop (Belgium) with good priced TT and Futaba stuff.
bullet OnlyRaptors.Com. Only Raptors.
bullet Carbon Extreme. Name says it all, they have all the carbon you need.
bulletHeli Addicts. Reasonable prices for e.g. TDG heads.


bulletNight Flight stuff:
bulletGlow Wire. If you want to do some night flying.
bulletGadget winkel. Dutch shop with glow sticks.
bullet Club Things. Glow sticks.


bulletFlying in the winter stuff:
bulletRaydioWarm. Nice mittens to keep your hands warm in the winter.


bulletModel Fixings. Cheap replacement bearings for helicopters and engines.
bulletVXB Bearings. Cheap replacement bearings.


bulletServo data
bullet FatLion. Lists all the servo's of the different brands on one page.


bulletEngine manufacturers
bulletOS Max Engines in Japan. Good reliable engines.
bulletOS Max Engines (Hobbico).


bulletRC Model Manufacturers:
bulletThunder Tiger. The Taiwanese manufacturer of the Raptors.
bulletFutaba. USA Futaba site.
bulletCentury Helicopters. The USA based Century helicopter manufacturer.


bulletDutch RC model (helicopter) shops:
bulletFlycam. Lost of Vario stuff. They have a lot, but it is an expensive shop.


bulletFlight Figures:
bulletF3C flight figures. Dutch National sports program.
bullet Helicopter maneuvers. Some maneuvers you can try.
bulletPaul's Heliworld. Some nice descriptions of figures.


bulletBlade Manufacuturers
bullet Sab Blades in Italy.


bulletPersonal websites:
bullet Harbs home page. Nice 3D videos using his Furry Extreme.
bulletRaptoritis, homepage of Chris. Heli site in Belgium about the Raptor virus.
bulletHomepage of Pieter van Zandbergen.
bullet Homepage of Koen. Belgium site about Koen's Raptor 50.
bulletHomepage of Volkul. Ken's active logs and info on the machines he flies.
bulletHeli Central. Good information on getting started with this hobby.
bullet Helicopter Tips. Good tips on getting started.
bullet Mil MV-24V E Helicopter. Very nice mini scale machine at little costs.


bulletHelicopter related sites:
bulletHelicopter history.
bullet RC Helicopter history article.
bullet Vertical Reference. Crashing helicopter video's, you got to see: "Flying without lessons first".


bulletColin Mill's articles about helicopter dynamics (Part 1&2, Part 3&4, Part 5&6, Part 7&8 and Part 9&10&11).
bullet Basic aerodynamics for heli's from The Helicopter Aviation Home Page.
bullet Dynamic aerodynamics. Helicopter dynamics.
bullet General aerodynamics. It lists the popular nonsense Bernoulli's principle as well is the major contributing Newton's law principle.
bullet Aerodynamics for Students.
bullet See How it Flies.


bulletGeneral RC related sites:
bullet RC Links.
bulletR/C Airplane Plans & Tidbits. Site with plans for scratch building planes.
bulletRC Battery Clinic. All you want to know about maintaining your batteries.
bullet Batteries in a Mobile World. Battery Chemistries, how to charge them and a good FAQ about batteries.
bullet CheapBatteryPacks.Com. Cheap batteries online.
bulletBatt-Mann. Lot's of batteries, with good battery info.
bullet Ray hall Turbo Charging. Lot's of info on fuel to get rid of all the myths about fuel.
bullet Tuned Pipes Tuning. Nice info on setting the proper length of a tuned pipe.
bulletPropeller facts. Propeller, pipe and engine facts.
bulletUnderstanding your Radio (RC Helibase). Very nice info on how a remote control radio works.
bullet Peter Rother. FMT Extra article about different PCM encoding scheme's.
bullet Auto Pilot at Sourceforge. Some info about the PCM encoding of Futaba.
bulletModelbouw.2link.be. Belgium RC modeling page.


bulletSimulation related sites:
bulletAbout simulation. A Valuable Simulation Information Resource Website.


bulletLocal flying fields
bulletMVSB. in Son en Breugel.
bulletThe Wings. in Nistelrode.
bulletSnoopey.in Dongen.
bulletOrnithos. in Geldrop.


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