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My Photo Gallery

Here you can see a small video of a simulated boom strike. I have made this video just to show people how easy it is to make an RC helicopter boom strike.

Here you can just find some photo's of interesting helicopters I have flown.

bulletThis is the Bergen Twin. It has a 52 CC 2 cylinder engine. Currently we are working on making this a camera ship.

Here you can clearly see the two exhausts.


bulletThis is a scale trauma helicopter I have flown for a photo shooting for and advertisement business. It is actually flown above a real heli pad.

Here you can see the heli pad.

Here you can see the professional photographer at work with large film cameras.


Some photo's of a SAB blade package as part of a sponsor deal.

The package.

And this was what was in the package. The blades are all carbon blades, 3 sets of 710mm, and one set of night blades.

I have currently quite a lot of blades (usable blades in one piece :-)). Hmm, that may not be a good sign, typically the number of available blades go done over time, together with the heli that happens to be attached at that point in time.

Below you can see some carbon tail blades (105mm and 106mm, and some carbon paddles (20gr and 30gr) from SAB.


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