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Welcome to my Web site!

Just some brief words about me:

I am a 37 years old research scientist who likes to fly remotely controlled helicopter models. I am living in the Netherlands (Best (NB)). I am married to Jackeline, and I have one daughter Nienke. I started flying RC helicopters in 1989, but I have been out of the hobby for 10 years. I started with flying planes again in 1999.

I restarted flying helicopters at the end of 2001 with my old Shuttle. In April 2002 I bought my first Raptor, which really is a huge improvement with reference to the old Shuttle. In the Summer of 2002 I met some people that were into 3D flying, this really impressed me, and motivated me to learn to fly like that also.

My progress went very good, and in 2004 I competed in the 3D Masters for the first time where I was 6th overall, and I won the flight to set music. Once all flight to music for all classes (sportsman, experts and masters) were added I ended up 7th overall on flying to music. You can find the results here. You can see there that I was in front of Scott Gray, Peter Novotny, Andreas Rummer, Anthony Jager, Steve Mc Fall, Ron Sebastian which are all Masters. Only Curtis Youngblood, Kazuya Yamaguchi, Duncan Osborn, Alan Szabo, Danny Szabo and Chen Zarfati were in front of me.

In August 2004 I competed in the Belgium version of the 3D Masters which I won overall, and I won all the individual flights. You can find all the results and a description of the event with pictures here.

Here you can see me at a 3D contest with a Raptor 90.

Besides flying myself, I like to teach other enthusiasts how to fly RC helicopters, and explain people about the physics of helicopter flight.

I am flying at three clubs at this moment:


MVSB in Son en Breugel.


The Wings in Nistelrode.


Snoopey in Dongen.

I am currently flying a Raptor 50, a Shuttle 32 and 2 Raptor 90's for contest flying (3D). You can find me most often at MVSB, typically every Saturday and Sunday.

Here you can see me in the winter time with some of the die-hard club members.

Of course somebody had to take the pictures :-)


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