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My Photo Gallery

Some photos of my helicopters.

These are my two new Raptor 90's when I was building them. I wanted the Raptor 90 SE, but it takes too long for them to be available.

Here you can see them partly built (05-05-2004):

And here they are one day later:

Here you can see one of them in a 3D contest:

Here is my Raptor 50:

This my current Raptor 50 V1, 1.8 hp at 3.3Kg.

Here you can see it do a Piro Lauch with a tight flapping curve.

It is equipped with :

bulletFutaba 149 DP 9 channel dual conversion PCM receiver.
bulletFutaba Governer GV-1.
bullet2x Futaba 9202 servos on the swash.
bullet1 x 9252 on the pitch.
bullet1x Futaba 9001 on the throttle.
bulletFutaba Gy-401 gyro with Futaba 9253 servo on the heck control.
bullet1800 mAh Sanyo 4.8V battery.
bulletOS 50 SX-H heli engine.
bulletTT50 mufler.
bulletSAB 600 glass blades.
bulletDriven tail upgrade.
bulletQuickUK metal fan upgrade.
bulletThird Bearing upgrade on the clutch bell.
bulletVoltspy for the voltage control.
bulletCarbon fiber fins.
bulletMetal pitch fork for the tail control.
bulletThe TT Push-Pull upgrade for the elevator.
bulletMetal blade holders from Cyberheli.
Good metal head of Top Dragon.
bulletIt is running a Uniflow fuel system with two fuel filters and it is picking
up the fuel from the center of the header tank.
bulletAnd it has the really good metal washout base upgrade of Geoffrey Woodward.


This is my Shuttle 32. I learned to fly on this machine. It is 15 years old, and still in top condition.

It is equipped with:

bullet149 DP 9 channel dual conversion PCM receiver.
bullet4x Europa BB multiplex servo's with metal gears on the swash and throttle.
bulletCSM 540 gyro with Futaba 9253 servo on the heck control.
bullet1500 mAh Futaba (Sanyo) 4.8V battery.
bulletOS 32 SX-H heli engine.
bulletMerker tuned pipe.
bulletQuick UK Composite 550 rotor blades.
bulletCarbon fiber fins.
bulletIt is running a standard tank setup.
bulletIt has various QuickUk upgrades on the head.
bulletIt is running a hand made metal swash.

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