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My Tx Gallery

I really wanted to have the 9Z WC II transmitter. But, I was used to flying Multiplex transmitters with a transmitter tray. I could not find a tray that fitted the 9Z, so I made one myself from multiplex. Here are some pictures of it. It has worked great for me.

The top view. I can access all switches, and still have my arms rest on the tray.

Note that FF8 and the FF9 etc fits just like that.

Side view. Here you can see how it usually is connected to my neck strap.

You can see here, the the Tx is secured by the rope. It can not slip out the tray.

There are supports beneath the tray that make sure that the Tx itself never touches the ground, and that there is enough space for the Tx module and buddy lead etc.

Here you can better see how the Tx is secured.

Here you see the back with the access to the module, charge plug, and the buddy lead.

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