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This page contains some pictures of my night flying of September 25th.

It will contain more pictures and experiences in the near future since we have a night flight event coming up early October.

I have installed the SAB 600mm night blades on my Raptor 50, and "demolished" an old V1 canopy to attach the glow wire. I must admit, the glow wire set of Glowire works extremely well. It has a nice small driver which drives two distinct glow wires. One for your canopy, and one for your tail. It uses nice and good connectors (with locks) to attach the glow wire to the driver. This allows easy removal of the driver or the canopy etc.

Next to this I installed as a backup, one glow stick to the tail, and one glow stick to each of the skids. I bought the glow sticks from Be careful with this, do not buy the big red ones (actually don't buy any red ones), because they really suck. They are not very bright! Also be aware of their huge costs for shipping them also (10 euro).


Let's start with breaking and shaking the sticks.

Here I got the first impression of the red small (5mm x 200mm) light sticks. Hmm, there was little light. It turned out later in the flight, that you hardly see them at all.

And install the sticks to my horizontal fins.

Here you can see the heli with everything installed (flash light photo).

Here you already get an indication of the brightness of the big red ones connected to the skids :-( Don't buy those!

You can see where the lights are if you move it a little :-).

Here is how it looks like in the dark with steady blades.

The canopy and the tail was very nicely lit, you could see them very well. I think that it also helps if you properly lit the canopy such that you still recognize a helicopter in the flight. I think that this makes the flying easier.

Here you can see it from the right with the blades spinning.

And from the left side :-).

And a picture in flight.

Do you see the similarity to my Reflex model?

Then there was a problem ...

In the second flight, Gerard and Marcel noticed that the intensity of the blades had been decreased. So I stopped the flight to check (I did not even notice it due to the concentration). It turned out that one blade had gone dark.

Notice that the SAB blades use external battery compartments for one small battery each, this avoids the use of additional chargers, and will allow you to replace the battery if there is any trouble with the battery.

Well, very unfortunate one of these compartments had come loose :-). SAB did provide very good service, they immediately sent me a new set night blades for free to resolve the problem. It turned out that I just had bad luck, the new blades seem to have the battery compartments attached in a more rigid way.

Here you can clearly see how the compartment got loose from the blade.

And here you can see that the battery itself got ejected.

The visibility of the SAB blades was very good, and they fly very good as the SAB blades usually do. The night flying itself is very nice, but be careful, it is a bit different from normal flight :-). Sometimes the orientation is a bit difficult.

Here you can see an "artist impression" of Gerard's canopy to be tested on October 2nd.


And here it is (17-12-2004) under the Christmas tree after a rebuilt (see crash log).



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