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This page just lists the video's that can be found on this web in the training sections.

bulletJust having some fun at the local field (please right click and select: "Save as").


bulletFlying a T-Rex 600 with a camera attached to the skids.


bulletFreestyle flight at the Heli R/C Competition in Belgium.


bulletBackwards8.wmv. Backwards figure of eight at 1500 revs.
bulletKnifeEdgePiro.wmv. Knife edge piro from left and right.
bulletLoop1.wmv. Just a loop (not such a good one, the typical: "e").
bulletLoop2.wmv. Just a loop.
bulletLowInverted.wmv. Nose-in low inverted hover.
bulletInvertedHover.wmv. Another low inverted hover (somewhat lower).
bulletTailStandLaunch.wmv. Tail stand launch with a bit too much back cyclic.
bullet PiroLauchWithTightCurve-1.wmv. Piro launch with a nice flapping blade tight curve.
bulletSlowPirouette-1.wmv. Stationary slow piro.
bulletFlips.wmv. Continuous Flipping.


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