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This page gives a rough indication of what is new on these pages since 14-12-2003.

bulletA complete new 90 size head design is described on these pages with pictures, stress simulations and animations of the head in action.
bulletThe Ultimate Raptor 90 SE for the Reflex Simulator is available for download.
bulletThe Raptor 50 3rd bearing upgrade is going to be produced by QuickUK!.
bulletI have added a movie of me having some fun at the local field (please right click and select: "Save as").
bulletI have added drawings and photos of my 3rd bearing upgrade for the Raptor 50. This once and for all solves the pinion bearing problem of the Raptor 50.
bulletI have added a free dictionary to all my pages! This means that you can double click on any word on any page, and get a description of the word. This is especially helpful for the non native speakers reading my pages. Give it a go, just double click on any word in this page.
bulletI have added two animations of the interaction using eCCPM in the setup/CCPM pages. I will add more with a proper explanation.
bulletI have added some nice 3D Reflex recordings of Nando van Arnhem at the bottom of this page.
bulletI have added the 3D Masters field on my simulators page for Reflex Xtr. Now everybody can fly on the 3D Masters Field.
bulletYes, YES, the Ultimate Raptor 90 model for Reflex Xtr is out and available.
bulletI added a nice field for the Reflex Xtr simulator (our local field).
bulletI added a detailed explanation with pictures on how to learn the auto rotation, in the learning to fly section.
bulletAdded a Zoom 400 heli with gear for sale in the For Sale section.
bulletUploaded some new Raptor 90 SE pictures in the Simulator section, and uploaded some new nice Reflex recordings (piroflipping auto, 4 point tic toc, backwards hurricane, forwards hurricane, funnel, tic toc and the chaos. The new recordings are located at the bottom of the simulators page.
bulletI added an XCell model in the Simulators page in the section where you can download demo's of many 3D figures for you to study. The recordings shown there reference this model, so if you want to see the recordings, you need this model.
bulletI did some cleaning up, and added some links. For the historians among us, have a look at this great article.
bulletI added some preview pictures of a fantastic modeling project of the Raptor 90 for Reflex Xtr.
bulletI fixed the download problem with the Reflex Demo Flights in the simulators section.
bulletI have added a very nice model for Reflex of the Raptor 30 V1 on my simulators page.
bulletI started up the Forum to see if there is any interest in a forum dedicated to beginning with this hobby, and learning to fly.
bulletI added a link to some photo's of my daughter Nienke on my "about me page". My daughter was born on November 5th, 2004.
bulletI moved the entire website to its own new domain: www.rchelicopterweb.com
bulletI added the night flying scenery for the Reflex Xtr Simulator.
bulletI have updated the XLS sheet for setting up the Throttle Jockey Pro from Model Avionics. The sheet now supports multiple magnets for sensing the RPM. This is the typical fix for low RPM running engines.
bulletI have updated my crash log with an "old crash" which was not yet listed. I have also added another picture of the crashed Raptor 50 in the night flight.
bulletI have updated my crash log with some results of the Night Flying :-)
bulletI have updated the Night Flying model for Reflex.
bulletI have added a page on Night Flying with some pictures and the first night blade problems.
bulletAdded some pictures of my night flight setup in Reflex Xtr.
bulletAdded some links to night flight equipment, and to bearings on the links page. Updated the night flight Reflex XTR model.
bulletAdded an updated helicopter to practice some Night Flight with Reflex XTR. You can find it on the Simulators page.
bulletAdded an animated picture of all the contestants of the 3D Masters with identification of The Dutch team.
bulletAdded a video of one of the Freestyle flights at the Heli R/C Competition.
bulletAdded more photos of the Heli R/C Competition weekend in Belgium.
bulletAdded the results with a brief description of the Heli R/C Competition weekend in Belgium.
bulletAdded a number of pictures later that day.
bulletAdded some pictures of the Dutch team and a video of the set maneuvers of the 3D Masters results.
bulletAdded some results (tables) on the 3D Masters results page.
bulletAdded some data and a picture on the 3D Masters results.
bulletAdded pictures of the result of my mid air tail boom strike
bulletAdded landing nose-in on the learning to fly pages.
bulletAdded hovering nose-in on the learning to fly pages.
bulletFixed some links, e.g. the weather predictions on the main page.
bulletAdded some pictures of my new Raptor 90's that I am building.
bulletAdded the latest two crashes on the crash log with the photo's.
bulletAdded a Gallery page with some pictures of interesting helicopters I have flown.
bulletAdded a number of links to additional Heli events in The Netherlands on the home page.
bulletFinally added a link to the local CoolPower supplier for good local prices on the home page.
bulletAdded a link to the Waltrop Winter Treffen.
bulletAdded a Fury Expert for sale in the For Sale section.
bulletAdded a Raptor 70 for sale add in the For Sale section.
bulletAdded link to Erfstadt Heli Winter Treffen.
bulletAdded two learning steps: Learning to fly large Round Figures of Eight and Learning Remote Circles.
bulletAdded a link to a cheap European shop for Raptor stuff and Futaba gear (RcHeliStore). They have just started the shop though.
bulletAdded a weather forecast link of my local village on the main page.
bulletAdded a tip to very easily make a perfect fit for the white tail gear for the Raptor 50 V2 so it rotates freely with still the proper support from the autorotation hub as it was designed for (Tips & Tricks).
bulletAdded a link to a very good source about different battery technologies and how to charge them etc.
bulletUpdated the section: My Helicopters so the data of the Raptor 50 is accurate again.
bulletMoved some links to Dutch discussion groups on the main page.
bulletAdded pictures of my latest crash in the Crash Results section.
bulletAdded pictures of my home made transmitter tray for my 9z WC II.
bulletAdded this What's New page.

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